The 3 C’s of a Professional

To whom it may concern regarding Eric Ordorica, PT, DPT, OCS –

For a service or a product to be considered truly professional, it must contain 3 important ingredients: Competence, Consideration, and Convenience. 

1. It must be a Competent service, otherwise, what would be the point to enlist it? Without a high level of expertise being offered, the service would be moot or irrelevant.

2. It must be Considerate. In other words, the service must be catered to the individual that is seeking it, as needs can be specific to each person.

3. The service or product being offered must be Convenient. If the service being provided is so laborious to use, one may never finish using the product or service and never get the optimum results of the service. 

As a lifelong athletic weekend warrior, I have experienced my share of sports injuries over the years. It unfortunately forced me to become a connoisseur of health care practitioners and especially Physical Therapists. I came to Eric Ordorica several years ago to help heal yet another sports injury. I, since that original episode, have returned to Eric for his very competent expertise in Physical Therapy. Eric Ordorica, PT, DPT, OCS is a true professional that incorporates the three C’s of a very professional service. Of paramount importance, he provides this professional service in a very friendly, personal manner. I highly recommend the expertise and talents of Eric Ordorica.

John Buch – Captain – United Airlines

I have gone to Eric for Physical Therapy and treatment 3 times over the last few years from tendinitis/bursitis in my shoulder to a meniscus tear to a pectoral strain. Each injury was a result of over training and improper mechanics/technique on exercises. Every time, Eric was able to teach me the right way to do exercises and engage the right muscles at the right time. It is so common that our bodies find ways to compensate (incorrectly) that lead to injury, which has been a pattern for me. I have finally broken that pattern thanks to Eric and his level of expertise and professionalism. He also has shown me corrective stretches and movements to do (that I still do whenever I feel something is tight).

I am grateful for past injuries as they have given me so much experience and body awareness. I probably would be eternally injured and not nearly as strong if it weren’t for Eric. He’s taught me so much as an athlete and as a Trainer.

Missy Berkowitz – Personal Trainer –